Two Sides of Justice

“Two Sides of Justice” is a collection of narratives from system survivors. The criminal justice system has altered the lives of the people you’re about to hear, sometimes for the better, but more often for the worse. Their contact with the system has permanently changed them and their life trajectories. We will hear their reflections […]

Grounding Practice – Abolition: In Defense of Translation

A series of guest presentations and a panel discussion exploring the concept of abolition. Join programme curators Lola Olufemi and Imani Robinson for an online screening of filmed contributions from abolitionists Zoe Samudzi, Jun Pang, and SA Smythe as they speak to the concept’s utility within their respective contexts. The series of presentations will be […]

Strong Communities Make Cops Obsolete

If police are the problem, what’s the solution? Tens of millions of people poured onto the streets for Black Lives Matter, bringing with them a wholly new idea of public safety, common security, and the delivery of justice, communicating that vision in the fiery vernacular of riot, rebellion, and protest. Geo Maher’s new book, A […]

Revolutionary Abolition & Community Defense

In this episode, we sit down with Malik, a member of the Revolutionary Abolition Movement who was one of the authors of Burning Down the American Plantation. They’re also joined by one of their comrades and fellow educators, Christy! They both guide us through some important conversations about revolutionary Abolition, the inevitable societal collapse under […]

Prison Industrial Complex (PIC) Abolition 101 Workshop – [captioned]

Prison Industrial Complex (PIC) Abolition 101: A Vision to End Prisons, Policing & Surveillance – facilitated by Mariame Kaba (August 2020) Prisons are relatively new experiments. They are not ‘broken’ nor are they rehabilitative. They exist to punish, contain and control. The prison industrial complex (PIC) reinforces and reproduces systems of oppression that perpetuate the […]

Abolition 101: What does it mean to defund the police

Join Daily Kos Liberation League and Minneapolis-based organizers from Reclaim the Block for this introduction to abolition. Explore the history of policing, frequently asked questions, and how proposed reforms to policing fall short. Be ready to dig into what safety means to you and your communities.

Racial Justice is Climate Justice: Pt. 1 – Abolition

Climate Justice is Racial Justice: Learning Series explores the ways racial inequities intersect with the threats of climate change. These fights are deeply interconnected, and the way to build a healthy, resilient future is to learn, understand, and support one another in the fight against the systems of oppression that we’ve all been enmeshed in. […]