Community Control of the Police: Is It Neocolonialism?

Where the watershed trial and conviction of Derek Chauvin in the murder of George Floyd has made abolishing the police that much more difficult, proposals for community control struggle to set the agenda for the movement to come. The Community Control of Police position (CCOP) generally envisions that Black communities will be able to control the police […]

The Fantasy of Community Control of the Police

The firestorm of protest sparked by the murder of George Floyd by the Minneapolis Police Department was historic not only because of its scale – 15-20 million people participated in protests in the U.S. alone — but also because it shattered the commonly accepted belief that the police are the necessary cornerstone of public safety. […]

Defeat The Police: Beyond “Defund” Or “Community Control”

The police cannot be reformed. At the very height of nationwide police protests, in full awareness that their actions were being documented in the glare of social media accounts and the national press, they brazenly assaulted protestors, ran them over, teargassed, beat up, and arrested journalists, and declared “war” on elected political leaders. In the wake of the police […]

Airbrushing Revolution for the Sake of Abolition

Photo: Free Angela Button, (Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, New York Public Library) In their July 2020, post “Was Angela Davis a Panther?”the Black Revolutionary Guard (BRG) asks and answers a query raised as a pretext for dismissing harsh critiques of an important progressive ally. They note that Davis was not a member […]

Abolition for the People

The ongoing scourge of police terrorism has reinvigorated an important national conversation about policing and incarceration — their history, purpose, and practice. While some have called for reforms, like stricter use-of-force policies and enhanced body cam protocols for officers, others have demanded more sweeping change. “Abolition for the People,” a project produced by Kaepernick Publishing […]

The Argument Against Community Control of the Police

In light of the recent Black rebellions that have shaken the nation into the summer months, two key positions on policing abolition have reemerged. Defund the police, which had enjoyed some surprisingly mainstream attention, is essentially the position that minimizing police department budgets is the first step towards the dismantling of police systems. And then […]

Dis-Organizing Prisons

When I was asked to define prison organizing, I was stuck for a moment. I realized that I had never defined what I do as prison organizing. First, my concerns have always been about more than the prison itself. Second, my work extends beyond prisons and jails. Third, and most important, my goal has always […]