Prison Industrial Complex (PIC) Abolition 101 Workshop – [captioned]

December 20, 2020

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Prison Industrial Complex (PIC) Abolition 101: A Vision to End Prisons, Policing & Surveillance – facilitated by Mariame Kaba (August 2020) Prisons are relatively new experiments. They are not ‘broken’ nor are they rehabilitative. They exist to punish, contain and control. The prison industrial complex (PIC) reinforces and reproduces systems of oppression that perpetuate the violence we experience. The PIC is naturalized and many people struggle to imagine a world without it. In this workshop, we’ll discuss what PIC abolition means and how an abolitionist vision and framework is essential to organizing.

Just Practice Collaborative created a Mixtape as an offering in response to the overwhelming number of requests we are getting for training, workshops and support. We want to nourish and care for our abolitionist community with as many resources as we can provide right now.