Prison Is Abuse: Understanding Prisons, Abuse of Power, and Control

June 30, 2020

Moms United Against Violence and Incarceration (MUAVI) and Love & Protect are very excited to share “Prison Is Abuse: Understanding Prisons, Abuse of Power, and Control.”

This video documents a timely conversation between feminist-abolitionist activists Monica Cosby (MUAVI, the West Side Justice Center) and Dr. Beth Richie (head of Criminology, Law, & Justice at the University of Illinois at Chicago). The conversation is facilitated by Love & Protect member Rachel Caidor.

Monica and Beth discuss how prison is gender violence, how incarceration replicates the power and control dynamics in abusive relationships, and why feminist work to end gender-based violence must be abolitionist. Their insights and expertise are unparalleled, and their passion for this work should motivate all of us to #FreeThemAll and to continue to build alternatives to the criminal legal system in order to create real safety in our homes and communities.

The biggest of thank yous to our collaborators who made the “Prison Is Abuse: Understanding Prisons, Abuse of Power, and Control” video possible: Video and Editing: Tom Callahan, Sensitive Visuals Transcription: Mari Gashaw Prison is Gender Violence Power & Control Wheel Design: Sarah Lynn Ross Photo Credits: Sarah-Ji, Love + Struggle Photos

December 17, 2020