Toolbox: Understanding conflict

Season 2 episode 1 of the Resist + Renew podcast (we’re back!). In this one, we go over what we think conflict is, why we’re focusing on it, and some ways to understand it. ‘Conflict is both the spark, the fight, the loud things, the incidents which you notice above the water, but it’s also […]

California Initiative Moves Away From Relying On Police To Address Mental Health Crises

As more Americans wake up to the notion of police abolition, one organization in California is already making it a reality. Mental Health First—from the Anti Police-Terror Project—is a community-centered initiative to eliminate the need for law enforcement as the first response to mental health crises. On May 22, Maurice Gordon’s friend called the cops concerned about […]

We Keep Us Safe

Serving food at Abolition Park THE RULES OF FOOD STATION are these: Always wear your mask over your nose and mouth Don’t touch food or clean utensils without gloves on We serve EVERYONE, as long as they are wearing a mask Our only enemies are the police, and we love our allies We stay organized and […]

Practicing New Social Relations, Even in Conflict

Why are people inside our movement organizations so mean to each other? We often lament how much energy is spent targeting other people within movements rather than “our real enemies”. But our conflict makes sense: People fuck up a lot. Even though we are committed to new social relations, we frequently reproduce harmful cultural norms […]

Pods and Pod Mapping Worksheet

During the spring of 2014 the Bay Area Transformative Justice Collective (BATJC) began using the term “pod” to refer to a specific type of relationship within transformative justice (TJ) work. We needed a term to describe the kind of relationship between people who would turn to each other for support around violent, harmful and abusive […]

6 Signs Your Call-Out Isn’t Actually About Accountability

No matter how long you’ve been politically conscious, you’ve probably figured out by now that activists are by no means perfect. Even while we’re trying to end oppression, we can sometimes make some harmful mistakes ourselves. So how do you address oppressive mistakes in your community? Say you’re at a social justice event that’s promising […]

For Tasha Amezcua, Safety Starts by Not Calling the Cops

Credit: Madhuri Sathish

BROOKLYN, New York (WOMENSENEWS)— Tasha Amezcua identifies herself as a “queer, femme, Chicana survivor of violence . . . who has never relied on the police for safety.” That identity is integral to her work as program coordinator of the Safe OUTside the System Collective at the Audre Lorde Project, an organization based in Brooklyn, […]

9 Ways to be Accountable When You’ve Been Abusive

As I sit in my bed and begin to type (beds are my favorite typing places), there is a part of me that says, Don’t write this article. There is a part of me that still resonates deeply with the fear and shame that surround the topics of abuse and intimate partner violence – the […]