Getting Called Out: Why Acknowledging Oppression Matters More Than Your Hurt Feelings

It’s a natural desire to want to give your opinion on something. We all want to think that our perspective matters – and, depending, oftentimes, it does. But sometimes it doesn’t. And we don’t always think about the implications of our words. Maybe you’re giving a presentation. Maybe you’re commenting on a post online. Most […]

Calling IN: A Less Disposable Way of Holding Each Other Accountable

I started having conversations on this practice of “calling in” after attending Race Forward’s Facing Race Conference in Baltimore, MD in 2012. Facing Race was a gathering of thousands of people working on advancing racial justice. The space was full of energy, commitment, and a ride-or-die-and-put-it-all-on-the-line mentality for making sure we’ve got our bases covered […]

10 Strategies for Cultivating Community Accountability

My commitment to prison abolition grows daily in part because I see the possibilities for responding to abuse and violence without relying on punishment, shame, and more violence.  The possibilities lie in building communities where community members – be they friends, family members, coworkers, or neighbors – rely on one another to heal, intervene, to […]

Community Acountability: Emerging Movements to Transform Violence

Community Accountability: Emerging Movements to Transform Violence, a special issue of Social Justice: A Journal of Crime, Conflict & World Order (Vol 37, No. 4, 2011-2012), critically examines grassroots efforts, cultural interventions, and theoretical questions regarding community-based strategies to address gendered violence.  This collection encapsulates a decade of local and national initiatives led by or inspired by allied social […]

Thinking Through Perpetrator Accountability

This article is from Rolling Thunder #8, a quarterly journal by Crimethinc.  Thinking Through Perpetrator Accountability “They” is used as a singular pronoun throughout this text to refer to survivors and perpetrators without reference to their gender identity. Although the majority of intimate violence is perpetrated by people who were socialized as male against children […]

Taking The First Step: Suggestions To People Called Out For Abusive Behavior

What you see before you is a work in a progress and will likely remain so. I write this to encourage dialogue and to provide a resource to people dealing with difficult situations. I do not write this to provide answers to every situation where someone is accused of abuse. Every situation will have unique […]