Transformative Justice Case Studies

Case studies are a great tool for practicing intervention and TJ skills for any level of knowledge or experience. Since case studies contain realistic or real-life experiences, they allow us to sift through specific details and think through needs and options in a way that readings or abstract discussions don’t offer. Case studies allow people […]

Two Sides of Justice

Two Sides of Justice is a collection of narratives from system survivors. The criminal justice system has altered the lives of the people whose stories you are about to hear, sometimes for the better but more often for the worse. Their contact with the system has permanently changed them and the trajectories of their lives. […]

Your Friend Has Been Abused: What Do You Do?

When a friend discloses their experience of abuse, it is often extremely difficult to know what to do. Our society does not teach us how to usefully deal with interpersonal harm — in fact, it often does the opposite. It teaches us that we are all on our own, that we must somehow deserve the […]