Building Accountable Communities

What do we mean when we talk about restorative justice and accountability? Project NIA and the Barnard Center for Research on Women (BCRW) created the following videos as part of the Building Accountable Communities Project, promoting non-punitive responses to harm by developing resources for transformative justice practitioners and organizing convenings and workshops that educate the […]

adrienne maree brown on Cancellation, Abolition and Healin‪g

This week on The Final Straw, we feature a conversation between our occasional host, Scott, and adrienne maree brown. For the hour, Scott and adrienne speak about “We Will Not Cancel Us and Other Dreams of Transformative Justice”, her latest booklet available through AK Press, as well as sci-fi, abolition, harm, accountability and healing. adrienne maree […]

Building Accountable Communities

Accountability is a familiar buzzword in contemporary social movements, but what does it mean? How do we work toward it? In this series of four short videos, anti-violence activists Kiyomi Fujikawa and Shannon Perez-Darby ask and explore: What does it look like to be accountable to survivors without exiling or disposing of those who do […]

Self-Accountability and Movement Building

Accountability is a human skill, not something that happens to bad people. How many times have movements been pulled apart not because of external forces but because of internal conflict and strife? So often we ask how others can be accountable without first looking internally and asking, “How have I been accountable?” Join us to […]

Introduction to Close to Home: Community-Driven Approaches to Violence Prevention

This is part 1 of a 3-part podcast based on one of PreventConnect’s newest eLearning courses, “Community-Driven Approaches to Violence Prevention: Close to Home.” On this podcast, Susan Ghanbarpour interviews Aimee Thompson about Close to Home and its community mobilizing approach to preventing violence. Check out part 2 and part 3 of this podcast to […]

Community Response to COVID-19

AAPI Women Lead’s Dr. Connie Wun sits down with Mia Mingus, Transformative Justice & Disability Justice organizer, advocate and leader. In episode 2, Mia + Dr. Connie Wun talks about ways communities have been supporting each other through this time using tools such as Mutual Aid + Pod Mapping + how we must recommit ourselves […]

Creatively intervening in interpersonal and state violence

Originally given to students in the Master of Narrative Therapy and Community Work program, this presentation outlines approaches to reducing violence that do not rely on remedies tied to policing and imprisonment. The presentation draws from work done by US-based organizations Critical Resistance and Creative Interventions as well as a pilot project to help communities […]

Don’t be a Bystander: 6 Tips for Responding to Racist Attacks

Created by BCRW and members of Project NIA, this video offers an abolitionist approach to bystander intervention that does not rely on the police. The United States has a long history of violence against People of Color, disabled people, Muslims, immigrants, and LGBTQ people. In the current political moment, white supremacists and white nationalists have […]