Transformative Justice Case Studies

May 24, 2022


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Case studies are a great tool for practicing intervention and TJ skills for any level of knowledge or experience. Since case studies contain realistic or real-life experiences, they allow us to sift through specific details and think through needs and options in a way that readings or abstract discussions don’t offer. Case studies allow people to ask key questions, engage in conversations, hone values, principles, practices, and generally explore concepts related to TJ in an applied manner. This type of practice can be especially useful for those who aren’t yet ready to support a live intervention but want the opportunity to flex their skills.

These are some of the case studies the BATJC uses in our TJ Study and TJ Labs. They are inspired by real-life situations in our intimate networks and communities that many of us have been asked to respond to. They are very useful small group activities to do with your pod, friends, roommates, family, neighbors, coworkers or other community members interested in TJ.

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