A Reckoning Inside the Domestic-Violence Movement

Domestic abuse presents a deadly threat to millions of people across America. But as concerns about police misconduct grow, feminists are reconsidering the costs of criminalization. On a Friday night in July, two police officers in Rollinsford, a small town in eastern New Hampshire, responded to a report of a domestic disturbance at the home […]

Who Keeps Us Safe?

A NEW YORK CITY MARCH descended upon a jail in mid-June, with protesters pumping fists and waving signs at the facility’s imposing brown exterior. “We love you; we miss you; we will get justice for you,” they chanted, as cellphone videos recorded the moment outside the Manhattan Detention Complex. The calls boomed toward the building’s stacked […]

Anti-Carceral Feminism

Lydia Pelot-Hobbs The “Free Joan Little” campaign became a coalitional space for Black liberation, feminist and prisoner rights. All Our Trials: Prisons, Policing and the Feminist Fight Against Violence By Emily L. Thuma University of Illinois Press, 2019, 246 pages, $24.95 paperback. THE DEMAND THAT no one be caged is an old one. Decades before […]

How Police Became the Go-to Response to Domestic Violence

In response to widespread demands to “defund the police,” a specific question repeatedly crops up: “What about domestic and sexual violence?” These “what about” questions imply that defunding, reducing, and reforming the aggressive street policing currently under public scrutiny will leave people without vital protection and trigger a tidal wave of crime. As prominent prison abolitionist […]

What Follows Punishment?

When people convicted of sex offenses in the United States finish their criminal sentences, they generally face a slew of regulations and restrictions — from offender registries to residency restrictions to the possibility of lifelong civil commitment — that leave them isolated, stigmatized, and surveilled. But while Richard knew that living in the free world […]

How Feminists Resisted Prisons and Policing in the 1970s

“All Our Trials” offers a history of feminists who challenged the idea that the state could end gender violence.University of Illinois Press Emily Thuma’s new book, All Our Trials: Prisons, Policing, and the Feminist Fight to End Violence, presents a history of grassroots feminist organizing during the 1970s against gender violence and the carceral state. […]

The political whiteness of #MeToo

We need to confront how the movement is shaped by the power of whiteness, write Alison Phipps Photo by Rob Kall / Flickr On January 24th 2018, gymnastics coach Larry Nassar was sentenced to 40 to 175 years in a Michigan state prison for seven counts of sexual assault of minors. This was one of […]

Locking people up won’t help combat sexual violence

We need look beyond individual punishment to tackle a crisis which pervades the fabric of our society, argues Ann Russo In 2017, the #MeToo hashtag on sexual harassment in Hollywood brought an outpouring of people, including many prominent celebrities, to publicly share their stories of sexual violence and harassment. The accounts were heartbreaking and prompted […]

Let Us Survive: Demanding the Decriminalization of Sex Work

Original article no longer listed The following has been excerpted in part from a talk given by Red S. for the DSA NYC’s Strike & Labor Solidarity working group. Red currently organizes with the Support Ho(s)e Collective, coordinates the Justice for Alisha Walker defense campaign and actively works with Survived & Punished New York City. […]