Non-carceral approaches to #MeToo

On not contributing to carceral feminism through punitive demands for high-profile cases of sexual assault and harassment A version of this paper was presented at the Utopian Acts conference at Birbeck, University of London. It contains mentions of sexual assault, sexual harassment, structural racism and sexism, and the criminalisation of vulnerable populations by the criminal justice system. […]

Toward a Radical Imagination of Law

Abstract In this Article, I consider the contemporary law reform project of a radical social movement seeking to transform the state: specifically, the Movement for Black Lives policy platform, “A Vision for Black Lives: Policy Demands for Black Power, Freedom, and Justice.” The Movement for Black Lives is the leading example of a contemporary racial […]

No Selves to Defend

The “No Selves to Defend” anthology was conceived and edited by Mariame Kaba of the Chicago Alliance to Free Marissa Alexander  (now called Love & Protect) as a fundraising, education and consciousness-raising tool. Published in June 2014, the anthology locates Marissa Alexander’s case within a historical context that criminalizes and punishes women (particularly of color) for self-defense and survival. The women featured in […]