What It Means to Center “Healing Justice” in Wellness

I think the allure of wellness has a lot to do with agency; there’s a sense of empowerment in making decisions about our well-being when so much of life is beyond our control. When our world is rocked sideways, we can always turn inward, relying on our tried-and-true methods of self-care to take the edge […]

More healing, more of the time

I am thinking a lot about B. Loewe’s article “An End to Self- Care” right now. I’m trying to figure out if he’s saying what I think he’s saying, what I hope he’s trying to say, or what I’m afraid he’s saying.  No matter what it is, I am having some feelings and reactions, like […]

A Not-So-Brief Personal History of the Healing Justice Movement, 2010–2016

“Our movements themselves have to be healing, or there’s no point to them” —Cara Page, Kindred: Southern Healing Justice Collective Everyone I know longs for healing. It’s just hard to get. The good kind of healing. Healing that is affordable, has childcare and no stairs, doesn’t misgender us or disrespect our disabilities or sex work, that […]

Communities of Care, Organizations for Liberation

Stop talking about Self-Care In the last 3 years as I talk about the Healing Justice (HJ) work I am involved in I am met with dueling responses of either deep yearning and curiosity about sustainability or a look that says “how sweet” and “call me when you’re ready to do some real work.” Each […]

Our Relationships Keep Us Alive: Let’s Prioritize Them in 2018

This story is the second in Truthout’s “Visions of 2018” series, in which activist leaders answer the question: “What would you like to see created, built, imagined or begun this year?” Each piece will focus on a bold idea for transformation, to give us fuel as the year moves forward. This piece has been a […]

What is healing justice and how would it affect this gathering?

What is healing justice and how would it affect this gathering? Yesterday I got to record a podcast conversation about the healing justice work at the USSF in Atlanta and Detroit with Cara Page and Kate Werning. I got off the phone and then went back to look at some of the documents we put […]

Healing justice, history and why I still believe in liberation

The Medical Industrial Complex with gratitude to Mia Mingus, Patty Berne and Cara Page (plus others) Very simply, if we are not careful, all of our healing justice work is going to become just another piece of the machine. If we are not careful, the culturally-grounded, beautiful and deeply loving spaces that we are creating, […]