A modest Proposal for a Fair Trade Emotional Labor Economy

Genesis The thing about being a working class or poor and/or disabled and/or parenting and/or Black, Indigenous or brown femme is that people are going to ask you to do stuff for them. Oh, are they ever. They’re going to ask you to listen, do a favor, do an errand, drop everything to go buy […]

Healing Justice Is How We Can Sustain Black Lives

Right now, those of us most vulnerable and least protected are under attack and whole communities―Black, Muslim, disabled, queer, trans, and women-identified folks are being targeted in the streets and in legislative halls. The threats are real and calculated. And the attempts to shore up the institutional correlation between the right to live and able-bodied, […]

Healing Justice and the Potential for Community Based Science

These are series of speculations on what recent insights in a variety of areas of science could mean for a community based healing movement that includes amateur research infused with radical understandings of what we mean by health and environment, and high expectations for our own empowered potential.  1. Epigenetics is what scientists call the […]

JAGERNAUTH: Just Healing

We know people in pain.  Members in pain, leaders in pain and even organizers in pain.  While there is the joy and relief that can come from a strong campaign victory, there are some battle wounds that endure.  Standing on the shoulders of healers from past generations, a new cadre is emerging, integrating trauma and […]

Reflections from Detroit: Transforming Wellness & Wholeness

Transforming Wellness & Wholeness I come by way of Black Seminole, African American and Austrian ancestry a mixed creed despite eugenic laws that would render me dead or expendable.  I write this piece in memory of my ancestors and allies.  We will find our way home again and again despite bloodshed and oil spills; despite […]