Dignity & Power Now!

March 2, 2019

Healing requires that we pay attention to the whole body, this includes the emotional, spiritual, and psychological bodies. Today we are launching a Healing Justice Toolkit that outlines the past seven years of DPN’s Healing Justice work. This toolkit is a communal offering that joins the lineage of healing justice work that communities across the world have engaged in for survival, strategy, liberation, and assurance to future generations. It is important to acknowledge that there has been generations of work done throughout the U.S. and internationally that has fed this current iteration of liberation work, which we call Healing Justice. Healing Justice’s birth story is ancient, and I want to honor the past twenty years of work being led by organizers in the South, including organizations like Kindred, SONG, and the work of Cara Page, Susan Rafo, Adela Nieves, and many more.