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Daniel Reisel

Daniel Reisel grew up in Norway but settled in the UK in 1995. He works as a hospital doctor and as a research fellow in epigenetics at University College London. He completed his PhD in Neuroscience in 2005, investigating how learning rewires the brain. Since then, his research has been concerned with the effect of life events on gene function. Daniel is currently training to become an accredited restorative justice facilitator with the UK Restorative Justice Council.

Daniel Reisel came to the study of human morality by studying psychopaths at Wormwood Scrubs, one of England’s most notorious prisons. Intriguingly, he found that many of these high-security prisoners had grown up in normal, caring families. Rather than purely being products of their environment, they seemed to be victims of their own brains. What does that say about moral development: can people be born with a blindspot for morality? And if so, how should we be thinking about crime and punishment? Can empathy be taught?

Reisel holds a PhD in neuroscience from the University of Oxford and works as a doctor and researcher in neuroendocrinology at University College London.

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