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Ethical Unicorn

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Ethical Unicorn aims to take a holistic, fact-based approach to sustainable living and social justice. As well as the larger problems that are obvious to us, the blog aims to thoughtfully discuss systemic and hidden cycles that also need to be broken. I believe that true change requires a combination of consumer choice, intersectional collective action and policy change, and this corner of the internet aims to be a constantly evolving guide to approaching these things and getting involved where we can. I hope to equip and inspire you to live a more conscious, informed lifestyle, bring some clarity to the pretty confusing world that ethical living can sometimes be, and tell stories that you’ll enjoy reading.

The Creator

My name is Francesca Willow, I’m a Geordie gal living in Cornwall & working as an artist and writer. I originally trained as a dancer before completing an MA in Theatre & Performance Studies (it’s NOT a drama degree), where I focused on cultural theory. These days you can still find me regularly working as an artist alongside running this blog. I see art as a conversation starter, and Ethical Unicorn as a place to provide the practical tools to get up and do something. You can often find me dancing in my kitchen, asking people if I can pat their dogs or telling everyone how great Newcastle is.

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