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Just Healing

The Healing Justice Practice Space is an all-gendered, all-bodied space for practicing and receiving healing. We will offer all participants in the Allied Media Conference, community massage therapy, energy work, community acupuncture, herbal therapy, counseling, first aid, art therapy, dance, yoga, and more! We will also provide skill-sharing, creative documentation of our process, and ‘101 workshops’ on health and healing justice and its intersections with media-based organizing.

In this practice space we will collectively build an in-house and online Resource Center to hold the incredible wealth of information and strategies developed by fierce healers and activists around the country. Our work uplifts and politicizes the role of health and healing in our movements as a critical part of the world we are building. We recognize that medicine is media; how we heal ourselves is directly related to how we engage in individual and collective transformation.

November 13, 2022