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Prentis Hemphill

Prentis Hemphill is the Director of Healing Justice at Black Lives Matter where along with supporting the brilliance of the healing justice working group, they help to lift up healing justice analysis and interventions within chapters and the broader network. As a member of Black Organizing for Leadership and Dignity’s (BOLD) teaching team, Prentis works to teach a somatics practice relevant to Black movement leaders and organizers. Trained as a therapist and Somatic practitioner and brought up through prison justice and anti-violence organizing, Prentis has spent the last several years working to articulate the connection between liberation and personal transformation through teaching and hands on healing and counseling work with groups and individuals. Guiding and grounding their work is a relationship to nature, the interdependence found of healing and movement, and a personal commitment to the embodiment of rigorous and unconditional love for self and all Black people.

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