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Through journalism and storytelling, Scalawag works in solidarity with oppressed communities in the South to disrupt and shift the narratives that keep power and wealth in the hands of the few. Collectively, we pursue a more liberated South. 

Our values:

  • Liberation rooted in self-determination and solidarity.
  • Radical imagination and creativity.
  • Moving with care and curiosity.
  • Abundance in community.

Our theory of change:

  • Right relation: We are in a generative, reciprocal relationship with community, organizers, and movements.
  • Community-driven reporting: Our reporting and storytelling are informed and driven by the needs of our community including our partners. Our community trusts us to share their stories and as a source of information because of the relationships we’ve built with them.
  • Outcomes: Storytelling or reporting leads to policy changes, support to movement work, narrative shift, increased solidarity and connection, the nourishing of radical imagination, and the creation of pathways to careers in journalism, literature, and the arts for people who have not traditionally had access.
  • Impact: Repeated outcomes from Scalawag and other reporting media makers in conjunction with the work of movements leads to transformational change.
June 20, 2022


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