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Transform Chicago

On August 17 2012, over 120 people gathered in Chicago for Restorative and Transformative Justice in Action, a day-long gathering. The event was co-organized by Project NIABuilding Communities Ending Violence at Depaul University, and Community Justice for Youth Institute.

The purpose of the gathering was to provide an introduction to both restorative and transformative justice while also featuring some of the innovative programs and projects that use and embody these practices. The event was a big success by all accounts. One of the commitments that we made was to continue to strengthen our ties with each other and to create a hub that could serve as a way to better connect restorative and transformative justice practitioners in Chicago. We decided to create a website and listserve to enable continuing education and networking.

Now in August 2016, this site serves another purpose. It is an archive where those interested can find resources they want and need. This site will no longer be updated. We hope that this provides those interested with a start in learning more about restorative justice.

October 18, 2022