European Forum for Restorative Justice

A list of movies on RJ (but also more in general on offenders´ rehabilitation, conflict resolution, peace, forgiveness and justice) has been collected during the EU-funded project “Accessibility and Initiation of Restorative Justice” (in the context of findings instruments for raising awareness on RJ).

The Neuroscience of Restorative Justice

Dan Reisel studies the biology of change, including our ability to rewire our own brains. And he asks a big question: Instead of warehousing these criminals, shouldn’t we be using what we know about the brain to help them rehabilitate? Put another way: If the brain can grow new neural pathways after an injury … […]

Storytelling & Organizing Project

Here you will find audio clips and transcripts from some of STOP’s stories. You will also find information about our project partners, discussion questions and resources for using STOP stories in your own work to intervene in interpersonal violence, as well as information on how to get involved in the project.

Transform Chicago

This page features Chicago-specific videos/films that address themselves to restorative and/or transformative justice.

Restorative Posters

We are hoping that people will use the posters and the questions in every community. We want the questions to foster dialogue and lead to less punishment and more accountability in our communities. We have to pre-figure the world in which we want to live. Through this project, we are disseminating a different set of […]

Stories of Violence, Accountability, and Healing

Until we tell new and more complete stories about violence and its aftermath, we will never be able to transform our responses to it or to keep people safe and well. With Ever After, we are telling those stories: stories of who have survived harm and people who have committed it; stories of violence, accountability, […]

How to Do #MeToo Without Prisons

Is it possible to combat sexual violence and support survivors without sending perpetrators to prison? Dr. Alissa Ackerman, a sex crimes policy expert and rape survivor, thinks so. In part two of two episodes reconsidering mainstream feminism’s reliance on the criminal justice system, Dr. Ackerman outlines a powerful alternative to prison punishment called restorative justice […]

The Importance of Community-Held Restorative Justice Programs

This hour-long webinar is geared toward youth justice practitioners, racial justice advocates and leaders of youth-oriented community-based organizations. Restorative justice provides an effective way to address wrongdoing and do right by the people harmed. It offers opportunities outside of the juvenile justice system for young people to take accountability for harm they have caused. It […]

What is Restorative Justice?

Impact Justice’s National Training and Innovation Center for Restorative Justice Diversion offers its first webinar in our intro three-part series: What is Restorative Justice? Featuring Restorative Justice Project Co-Directors, Ashlee George and Cymone Fuller.