Transformative Justice: A List of Resources

October 17, 2022

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Prison Culture is an attempt to document how the current prison industrial complex operates and to underscore the ways that it structures American society.

I created this blog as way to make sense of all of the information that comes my way through the work that I do.  I started the blog for myself. It was sort of a running work journal; a place to catalogue all of the ideas, thoughts, musings, and resources that I have about mass incarceration, transformative justice and the prison industrial complex (PIC). 

Since launching the blog in late June 2010, it turns out that others have also found things that are of interest to them here. This is an added bonus. I hope that some of those who read the blog might also become motivated to take action to abolish prisons. We can use more abolitionists in the world. So welcome to Prison Culture!

September 20, 2020