Transformative Justice (Build Abolition 101 at CCSF)

August 25, 2021

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In the first session of Build Abolition 101 at CCSF, we are join by TGI Justice Project communications director Eli Berry-St John, who gives an overview of Transformative Justice, and discusses community accountability. Subtitles will be added in the next 2 weeks, thank you for your patience!  

***In your wildest dreams, how do you see us creating an abolitionist world together, and how may this vision overlap with CCSF?***

“…it’s the present work that ya’ll are doing, and I say that to affirm…so you all feel affirmed and validated, so you all can continue, this is me putting gas on the fire. Light it up, you know. And at the same time…get the soil ready to grow. Because it ain’t all about burning down, it’s also about starting community gardens, it’s about self-defense that starts with food, it’s about getting connected to Native people and finding out what they are doing..I learn so much, we bounce off of each other…it’s about creating mutual beneficial relationships..with people, close the ranks, believe in solidarity because Black and Brown solidarity is a thing no matter what people say and just being there with one another. Being in relationship with one another.”

July 17, 2020


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