We Take Care Of Us Webinar #7: Transformative Justice

July 27, 2020

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This week we hosted Mimi Kim and Mia Mingus, who sat down with our executive director, Cat Brooks, to discuss strategies to intervene, disrupt and heal from interpersonal violence without relying on the state. We’ll talk about what transformative justice is, how it centers survivors’ needs, and how it provides us with a roadmap for building a world without police.

About our panelists

Mimi Kim is the founder of Creative Interventions and a co-founder of Incite! She has been a long-time activist and advocate challenging gender-based violence at its intersection with state violence. As a second generation Korean American, she locates her political work in global solidarity with feminist anti-imperialist struggles, seeking not only the end of oppression but of the creation of liberation here and now.

Mia Mingus is a writer and educator for disability justice and transformative justice. She is passionate about building the skills, relationships and structures that can transform violence, harm and generational cycles of abuse within our communities and that do not rely on or replicate the punitive system we currently live in. Her writings can be found on her blog, Leaving Evidence.

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