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nineteen sixty nine

nineteen sixty nine (“NSN“) is the official student journal of the Department of Ethnic Studies at the University of California, Berkeley. It is published electronically once per academic year, and is available through the University of California’s eScholarship open access e-publishing initiative and the California Digital Library.

The journal’s name refers to the year in which Ethnic Studies was established at UC Berkeley as a direct result of student activism through the Third World Liberation Front. Thus, nineteen sixty nine simultaneously reminds us of our origins and gestures towards the critical possibilities of Ethnic Studies for the present and the future.

Corresponding with the grassroots origins of Ethnic Studies, the idea for starting an Ethnic Studies student journal was first conceived during various feedback sessions held between students and the Department of Ethnic Studies during the 2009-2010 academic year. Due to student interest, the Department appointed a graduate student to head this initiative in 2010 and the journal was officially launched in 2011.

As such, the journal is managed and edited by both undergraduate majors and graduate students in the Ethnic Studies program at UC Berkeley with minimal direction from the Department and faculty. All submissions to the journal will be reviewed by a committee comprised of both undergraduate and graduate students in Ethnic Studies (and its affiliated programs), as well as our faculty consultants.

November 13, 2013